Spring 2017 Newsletter – Happy Long Weekend

Spring 2017 Newsletter – Happy Long Weekend!

Clare returns from Maternity Leave

As my nine month old crawled through the dirt commando style to eat his fourth cumquat for the day, whole and off the ground,  I made a big decision – it is time for me to go back to work! I have been doing odd fill in days but as of November I will be seeing patients on Fridays and then by December returning two days a week. A huge thank you to my team who have been working hard without me and I am really excited to return to patients.

Mallet Fingers

Lucille has answered some common questions in her article here on the topic of Mallet Fingers.  In theory so simple, but in practice can be quite tricky and not necessarily always rewarding….. but so important to treat.  Can you remember why we need to bother?

Conferences and Inservices

Hayley, Lucille and Leith have just returned from the Australian Hand Therapy Conference in Adelaide with all the latest updates in all things Hand Therapy. I have just booked to attend the NSW Hand Surgeon’s Conference in November and I look forward to catching up with everyone there.

Thank you to Women in Focus Physiotherapy and Paddington Family Practice who invited me into their practices for an inservice on Hand Therapy.  I love engaging with our community of General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals so please e-mail me anytime at c.maple-brown@bigpond.com if you would be interested in an inservice at your practice.

Do you watch The Block?

Renovating is renowned for causing Hand Injuries but it was actually an incident on a toboggan that sent one contestant of this reality TV show to Emergency with a suspected scaphoid fracture. They did apply an excellent Exos brace which work perfectly in this instance as they can be removed for investigations and tightened/loosened with swelling changes. They are also waterproof and can be useful further down the track as a removable brace if the scaphoid is cleared or healed.  We stock all sizes so please request them on your referral if you are happy for your patients to have them. More information can be found here :


Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend and another great week of improved traffic thanks to the school holidays!




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