Winter 2016 – Beware of Skiers Thumb!

The snow is falling and the skier’s thumbs are returning home after school holidays.  After doing my own right thumb last ski season I am quite glad to use the “pregnancy” excuse to stay inside the lodge during our trip this year! They are so so slow to settle, something I am forever telling patients, but I found a little harder to take my own advice!

Yes, Brad and I are expecting our second child in early 2017 which we are thrilled about.  It will be the fourth baby for the practice and a little brother for Charlotte.  Fortunately I am very lucky to have the brilliant Adrian Jollow and Hannah Munro continuing to help me with the clinical Hand Therapy load. Lucille will return from her maternity leave in 2017, excellent timing everyone!

Fiji 2016
Adrian Jollow joined Dr Myers and his team on their annual Orthopaedic Outreach program in Fiji in April.  Read here for his article on his experience.

Adrian and Clare attended the 2016 Combined Meeting – Australian Hand Surgery Society and American Society for Surgery of the Hand, held in Sydney in April.  The scientific program was extensive and highly informative.  My highlights were the French surgeon who can do a Distal Radius Volar Plate ORIF using a very small incision and the American Surgeons who work with the NFL players.

However, Dr Wheen MC’ing the “Showdown” in his jesters hat, was also something to remember (and very entertaining!). Sydney is also host to our annual Australian Hand Therapy Association Conference this year in August and we will all attend.

Hannah is presenting her research on tendon repairs in children and we look forward to bringing you a summary of her presentation in our next newsletter.  Adrian has also been on the organising committee and it is shaping up to be a fantastic 4 days.

Stay warm and keep those thumbs safe on the slopes,

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