COVID-19 Update – 17 June 2021

Dear Colleagues and friends,

Bondi Junction Hand Therapy has successfully remained open and continued to provide Hand Therapy services to our community throughout the past twelve months of uncertain times. We have managed to keep both staff and patients safe by implementing policies and protocols which prioritize the safety of our staff, patients and the community during this difficult time.

Many of these continue to be in place in all areas of our clinic and below is a brief outline of the measures we continue to implement daily. For those seeking further information and clarification please click on the link provided.

  1. Our staff are well informed and up to date on all levels of government advice. Read here for more.
  2. To ensure our Practice environment is safe we continue with enhanced our cleaning and hygiene and are cognisant of physical distancing where it is indicated. Please read here for more information.
  3. We are not directly on the frontline as many of you are, however, if we can help in any small way by seeing any minor hand trauma, please send these patients directly to us rather than A and E. We can wash and dress wounds, send for x-ray, apply casts and splints, and spend the time to call around to find a Hand Surgeon to see them ASAP as needed in their rooms or theatres directly.
  4. We have set up a Telehealth option for those that are unable to see us in person. Please read here for more.


Thank you to everyone working in Healthcare at the moment. We will continue to do everything we can to help “flatten the curve”, because the alternative is too unbearable to contemplate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or other suggestions for us.

Thinking of everyone and please look after yourselves,

Clare, Mia, Tammy, Emilie and Kathryn

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