December 2015 Newsletter

As we race around in this December rush it seems so surprising that yet another year is nearly over. My husband and I are about to celebrate our 4th Christmas with our daughter and her request this year is for a rainbow coloured bike with pink pedals and a green seat – good luck finding that Santa!

The practice continues to keep us all busy with many interesting patients and injuries. Here is a brief update:

EXOS Braces are now available

EXOS Brace

hese are a great alternative to waterproof casting as they can be adjusted as swelling goes down and can be removed for skincare or x-ray if appropriate (they can also be locked if not appropriate!). We have a range of all sizes fitting small children to rugby players!

Whilst on casting, the evidence is becoming clear that the thumb no longer needs to be included when casting for simple scaphoid fractures. Please see here for Adrian’s brilliant literature review.

All things Wrist
I attended a 2 day symposium on “Clinical Reasoning of the Wrist” in August. The custom made “wrist warrior” splint is now a favourite alternative to the “wrist widget” for those that need a little extra support. Read here for a summary of the importance of proprioception exercises in rehabilitation of wrist injuries.

More Babies
Lucille is expecting her first child in late December and we wish her all the best for this exciting new chapter in her life. She will be taking a years’ maternity leave but we look forward to her return in 2017.

Season’s Greetings
Thank you for your ongoing support in 2015 and we look forward to continuing to work together in 2016.

May you have a safe and happy holiday season.

Kind Regards


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