Telehealth Comes to Bondi Junction Hand Therapy

For anyone unable to attend the Practice, video link consultations are now available. Please call reception as usual on 93889743 to book a time. You will then either receive a phone call or a questionnaire to fill out or both, prior to your appointment time, to assess the appropriateness of telehealth for your condition.


  • We are using the secure and safe medical platform called Coviu. A patient will simply be e-mailed a link to click which will take them directly to the therapist who will be in the Practice.
  • All exercises will be provided after the consultation via e-mail in written or video format with clear written instructions after being shown during the consultation.
  • Any extras needed from the practice such as finger stalls, silicone gel, coban, putty etc can be posted or dropped on doorsteps (these will incur an additional charge as per normal which will be fully disclosed at the time of the consultation).


  • Most of our splints are custom made to the patient and require our hands to mould to the patients hands. Patients requiring these will need to attend in person.
  • However, we are very skilled problem solvers and have many materials and other options at our disposal and in dire circumstances will still be able to help in some way!

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