Volar Plate Injuries

Volar Plate Injuries by Lucille Roberts The volar plate is susceptible to damage when the finger receives a hyperextension force, commonly a result of a ball injury (e.g. basketball, netball). [...]

Happy Holidays 2017

Bondi Junction Hand Therapy Newsletter!  Thank you to everyone for your support this year – it has been another busy one and has just flown by.  We have settled into our new rooms (a short walk [...]

Mallet Fingers

  Mallet Fingers: why do we spend so much time treating this injury? Without proper treatment the injury can not heal properly The fingertip or distal interphalangeal joint (DIPJ) will not [...]

Winter 2016 – Beware of Skiers Thumb!

The snow is falling and the skier’s thumbs are returning home after school holidays.  After doing my own right thumb last ski season I am quite glad to use the “pregnancy” excuse to stay inside [...]

Welcome to 2016

Welcome to 2016, and how is it possible that it is March already.  Let us at least hope for some respite from the heat and humidity of February!   Handwriting With the start of the school [...]

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